Urban Weeds

Invasive plants Old man's beard (Clematis vitalba) and Himalayan blackberry (Rubus discolor) climbing up a wall and post in an urban area

Weeds are a serious problem in our urban areas. As they spread, invasive weeds reduce biodiversity while contributing to erosion, runoff and even increased susceptibility to fire. Use the information and downloads in this section to identify common and high-priority weeds, and learn how to handle them without resorting to synthetic herbicides!

Download our guide to several invasive weeds below, with information on weed identification and removal methods. If you have more questions about weed management or removal, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Download the Urban Weeds Presentation

Keep in mind, this guide contains only basic information – to learn much more, take one of our free Urban Weeds workshops!

Urban Weed Fact Sheets

Download these helpful guides, available in English and Spanish. Descargue a estos guías útiles – disponible en español y inglés!