Gresham Rain Garden Incentive

Gresham Rain Garden Incentive

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Rain garden was planted entirely with Portland native plants and is certified as part of my Bronze Backyard Habitat through the Audubon society.
Do not get intimidated, or over think it. Keep it simple. It is very simple and very rewarding.
Most important lesson learned, take the Rain Garden 101 class. I gained valuable information and the know-how to build a rain garden.
I diverted two downspouts and graveled the bed of the garden in an abstract shape. It turned out beautiful with fairly little effort.
We have started with a small rain garden in our backyard. Next year we hope to build a larger one in our side yard.

EMSWCD is offering a $200.00 cash incentive to property owners who build a rain garden in certain areas of Gresham. Funds are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Don’t miss out!

Contact us today!

Contact Erik Carr to learn more about rain gardens and the incentive program, or call at (503) 935-5366.

Why build a rain garden? Rain gardens…

  • add beauty to your yard
  • are easy to maintain
  • can lower your utility bill (if you disconnect your downspouts)
  • reduce runoff around your home

And if you live in the incentive area, we will offer you $200 to build a rain garden! Contact Erik Carr, our Senior Urban Conservationist, at or (503) 935-5366 to get started.

Why are we giving Gresham residents $200 to build a rain garden?

Rain gardens not only help you, they help your neighborhood and improve the health of our waterways, while plants in the rain garden plants provide food and shelter for birds and pollinators. We are offering this incentive to help with the costs of building a rain garden, and to help Gresham residents contribute to healthier neighborhoods with less pollution and stormwater runoff.

Learn more in the Rain Garden FAQ page!

Who is Eligible?
  • Owners of residential properties (single family homes, duplexes, triplexes) located within the Incentive Program’s target areas of Gresham are eligible.
  • Only new rain gardens are eligible for the incentive. (Existing rain gardens are not eligible.)

Find out if you are in the Incentive Program area! (click/tap to expand)

This rain garden handles stormwater -and- frames the front walkway nicely!

  1. Visit the City of Gresham’s Greshamview page.
  2. Close the popup in the middle of the map.
  3. Click on the button in the top right of the map that says “Show Map Layers Show Map Layers button.”
  4. In the Layers pop up, in the third column “Incentive and Grant Eligible Areas,” select “Downspout Disconnection / Rain Garden Area” at the top.
  5. A light purple overlay will appear on the map showing the incentive area (you may close the “show layers” pop-up to get a more clear view of the area).
  6. If you are uncertain about whether your address is in the area, you may enter your address in the search bar on the top left. A marker will show your address on the map, and you can see whether it is in the incentive area!
  7. Still not sure? Contact Erik Carr to ask about your property and whether you qualify for the incentive.
Learn how to build a rain garden!Learn how to build a rain garden! We offer free Rain Gardens 101 workshops every spring and fall.
check out our gallery pages to see local examples of rain gardensCheck out our gallery pages to see local examples of rain gardens! Rain gardens come in all different shapes and sizes.

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