Naturescaping is the practice of using simple techniques that mimic nature so that your garden will thrive without using synthetic chemicals, making it a safe and healthy place for children, pets, and wildlife. A favored practice for all levels of do-it-yourselfers, Naturescaping makes it easy to save time and money, to dig up fresh ideas for the yard & garden, and make a positive impact in the community.

The practice focuses primarily on using native plants because they are adapted to our soil and climate, so they need relatively little or no watering, fertilizing, or care once established. They are also less susceptible to common garden pests and diseases, and they attract a variety of native birds and butterflies by providing food and shelter.

There are many benefits to naturescaping your yard! Naturescaping:

  • Conserves water (saves you money!)
  • Reduces toxic chemicals in your landscape (saves you money!)
  • Provides food and habitat for wildlife
  • Once established, a Naturescaped yard is a low-maintenance landscape (saves you money and time!)
  • Minimizes the amount of stormwater leaving your property (saves you money!)

Want to learn more about Naturescaping? It’s easy!

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A Naturescaping Profile

Our Urban Lands team recently went out to interview Philip, an avid naturescaping enthusiast! Learn what Philip likes best about his naturescaped yard in this video.